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I'm Daniel, a designer and coder passionate about style, motion, and interaction.

Over the past ten years I've had the privilege of collaborating with artists, agencies, organizations, and businesses including brands such as Vanderbilt University, Discovery Channel, Johns Hopkins University, and W Hotels. Some of my recent work has been featured on siteInspire, Hoverstates, and French Design Index.

My primary focus is in making digital experiences and identities that are expressive and mindful. I am self-taught, persistent, and love creating. Currently I live in Baltimore and work at Drexler. I'm also into cooking, travel, and hanging out with Bones.

The Gift Dept. Branding & Digital, 2015
The Dabney Restaurant Website, 2015
High Zero Festival Dance Performance, 2013
Escape From Hell Reality TV Microsite, 2013
Various Clients Logo Designs, 2013—2016
Take What You Can Carry Film Website, 2016
JHU Data Science Lab Educational Website, 2015
First Friday Event Installation, 2014